Cabral Construction was the perfect fit for us as we took on a complete renovation of our high rise Penthouse. They knew the “ins and outs” of working with condo associations with regard to timelines, permits, restrictions, etc. You never know what is going to happen when you start tearing things apart, and Tim’s quick responses and smart solutions to challenges kept our project moving and on track. The quality of Tim and his team’s work is outstanding and we could not be more pleased with the results. – Rhonda Curry
Thank you so much for taking a Naples beach condo and turning it into our dream home. I like to think that this home is the result of the dream team you assembled to make it happen. While my husband and I watched mostly from Chicago, we marveled at how you worked seamlessly with our designer to create our magnificent beach home on time and within budget,. There were numerous times that our building management put up road blocks which you skillfully and successfully navigated us around and through. I don’t believe that any other team would have had the patience, experience and knowledge to overcome the obstacles that presented themselves during our journey to completion.I am thankful that we found you and that we had the pleasure to work with you and get to know you during the course of the major work you did for us in our new home. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to prospective clients to sing your praises whenever you would like us to. That is the least we could do for you in exchange for the dedication you showed us in delivering to us our dream home. – Meg Callahan
We appreciate the commitment that Tim and the entire team made to make our project a reality in the amount of time allocated as our home is in a high Rise condominium with very specific dates for renovation. The end result has met all of our expectations both in architecture, interior design and workmanship. The combined team to renovate our home did so in a very creative and professional manner to achieve a wonderful end result. We were absent during the entire process but kept apprised of all work being done on a weekly basis. We put our trust in this team and were not disappointed. Thank you Cabral Construction for your care and devotion to this project. – Donna & Ken Lewis
We have just completed the third phase of remodeling with Cabral Construction on the renovations to our residence here in Old Naples. Tim’s attention to detail and maintaining a level of authenticity has been a major contribution to the success of the project. Historical renovation is always a challenge. As a team we appreciated the ideas and details that were brought to our attention and executed in our absence while at our home in New York during construction. The enthusiasm and passion Tim brings to the table is his greatest asset. I am sure our relationship with Tim will continue for years to come. – Bud and Diane Ames
We did our first project with Tim on 17th Ave. South in Aqualane Shores 14 years ago. Since then we have completed the renovations to our home on Gordon Drive as well as two phases of renovation to our home in Ormonk, New York with Tim’s team. The creativity and attention to the details and the ability to find practical solutions to every challenge along the way is a major asset when renovating a residence. In the last 10 years we have seen many of Cabral Constructions projects and invested in his multi-family projects as well. We would be happy to refer their team to anyone considering building or renovating in South Florida – Mike & Meg Bruno
Professional, responsive and supremely capable – Tim and his crew took on our “Mission Impossible” remodel and made order from chaos. The results are even more glorious than we hoped! – Alan Korest & Dolly Bodick
My wife and I recently purchased a villa in Pelican Bay – Naples – FL which was in need of serious renovation. The thoughts of renovating this property were very concerning. How would we transform this potentially beautiful villa into our dream home? Who could we trust to do exactly what we wanted and give us a fair deal? Questions not easily answered. Well thru an acquaintance we meet Tim Cabral who has exceeded our expectations in his knowledge, demeanor and method of fairness. Every aspect of this job has been presented to us in understandable terms from each contractor to our complete satisfaction. The various contractors selected by Tim have all been experts in their fields and pleasurable to work with. A project that we worried about has been a pleasure to watch as our dream home is near completion. We would highly recommend Tim to anyone considering any renovation. Please feel free to contact us for a personal recommendation. – Ralph & Maria Palmieri
Tim Cabral brings the right mix of “can-do” professionalism, creativity, and straightforward budgeting logistics appropriate to his client’s goals. Tim appreciates the uniqueness of every job, which is fundamental for strategizing everything from timely scheduling to troubleshooting the challenges that arise in all projects. His positive attitude ensures the right foundation and temperament to coordinate various trades and team players necessary to execute work to the highest standards. With Tim you know you have a builder whose personal interest in the project’s outcome comes from a passion for the industry and the art of creating exceptional architecture. – Rob Herscoe, Professional Architect
Dear Tim, Merry Christmas! We hope you and your family have a holiday filled with health, love and laughter! We have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photographs in this album. We feel certain you will enjoy them equally as well. You and your team have accomplished an incredible feat and we want you to know how much we appreciate it. This project was more complicated and detailed than either of us ever imagined. The fact that you still brought it in so close to our established timeline is nothing short of incredible. There is no doubt that the project tested your patience, but in the end it has resulted in a home that greatly exceeds our expectations and dreams. We hope you are as proud of it as we are of you. Your tireless energy and uncompromising integrity are qualities you rarely find today. Thank you! Warmest regards and happy holidays. – Donna and Bud
Please consider this my endorsement of Tim Cabral and his team at Cabral Construction as the highest I could extend. Tim and I have worked together on many projects over the years both commercial and residential to the complete satisfaction of our clients. Having his proactive participation on board early on in projects has served our clients in both construction cost and time saving measures. The most successful overall project delivery process relies very heavily on the entire team participation as early on as possible taking advantage of the experience that each member brings to the table. I consider Tim and his part in our projects with the highest of regard and confidence in extending this recommendation. Should you wish to speak to me personally regarding my relationship over the years with Cabral Construction, please don’t hesitate to call. – C. Matt Joyner, Architect