Coastal condominium renovations in Naples has created tremendous momentum for the construction industry.

Logistics and timing become the primary target as each building has its unique set of circumstances relative to rules and regulations for renovation. In general, the building season begins in May and ends in October with a few exceptions to the rule. In an effort to commence with construction in the early phase of the building season, our team has developed a program that will expedite the process with leadership that is required to execute in an expeditious manner. Design and permitting phases of the project need to commence in the early part of the winter season in an effort to be approved for the start of construction by the Building Department as well as the Condominium Association.

We are proud to be a recognized as a leader in the industry and look forward to continuing in this arena for years to come.         Read a Testimonial from the Carrier Company           Read a Testimonial from Rhonda Curry


Renovation is the foundation of our company.

Remodeling is my passion and has been the foundation of the company for many years. Naples is unique as the quantity of quality real estate locations to be remodeled or renovated remains to exist throughout the community for many years to come.

Each project is unique with existing conditions and the available improvements that are identified through the process. Developing a vision and a budget is often the challenge when viewing a property for a potential acquisition. Quite often, challenges present themselves that can be overcome relative to architecture and existing space. Meeting with the Realtor and or Owner, and viewing the potential projects with our team, allows us the opportunity to assist the client in realizing the opportunity each project has. Providing concepts and budgets is our target in helping the client to determine whether the investment is secure.


Quite often when renovating or building, the vision and budget for a project is a challenge.

In many instances a particular property does not convey the opportunity for improvement because of what may be considered an obstacle. We can be an asset to the Realtor, Designer, and Owner by entering into the team relationship at this stage to help create a vision that satisfies the Owner’s needs economically and in plan.

Over the years we have developed relationships in the industry creating a team of professionals that will assist in exploring every opportunity that a property presents. We more often than not bring solutions and ideas to the table that provide the client with the choices needed to make a decision moving forward relative to acquisition and development of a particular project.

In addition to the vision, we provide the budgets necessary for the client to make the decision on whether to proceed.


One of the attractions to coastal home ownership in Naples is the continuity between the older residences and the lot size they are built on.

Quite often it is the desire of the client to maintain the philosophy of a project at lower existing flood elevation when purchasing and renovating an existing residence. Working within the FEMA guidelines requires the experience and know how relative to the scope of work that is available to the client when deciding if the project makes sense both architecturally and economically.

Our extensive experience in renovating FEMA projects for the last 20 years will help to guide the client through the process. Frequently the project becomes a reality without having to raise the home to elevations that would compromise the continuity between home and the site it is built on.