November 21st, 2012

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To whom it may concern, source

article source This letter comes in recommendation and PRAISE of Cabral Construction Inc. As an interior designer, I have had the opportunity to work with many general contractors and builders over the past two decades. Since being introduced to Tim and his subs a year ago, I put Cabral Construction at the top of my list for high end residential projects.

Having received such honors as being listed as one of Architectural Digest’s Top 100 designers, and Elle Décor’s Top 30, my company’s success relies upon our ability to continually meet our client’s needs, their standards of excellence, and “need it yesterday” demands. To do this, we rely upon trades and services that understand and follow through on these principals check this out.

Tim understands and delivers on these principals. Not only is his work top notch, he has the ability to meet tight deadlines without compromising quality. A perfectionist himself, Tim’s attention to detail is acute and unwavering. Upon reviewing designs, he will offer insight and make suggestions that improve the overall design and add value to the project. As such, I’ve come to trust his judgment and value his opinion immensely article source.

As a New York based designer, working on “out of town” projects can be difficult to manage remotely. Tim took all the headache and worry out of the process. He called regularly with updates, and constantly shared videos and photos from the jobsite to keep us up to date, so there were no surprises when we did make site visits. Better yet, with Tim’s coordination, site meetings were organized efficiently with all trades on hand for review. No time wasted continue reading.

To say there are many builders in this industry is an understatement. What sets Timapart is not only his
perfectionism and high quality work, but his outstanding service. Beyond meeting impossible deadlines, Tim is on site to make certain that every detail is perfect and resolves problems with lightning speed. He will not rest until his client is completely satisfied.

I am pleased to make this recommendation, and would be happy to answer any additional questions regarding my experience with Cabral Construction more info.



Jesse Carrier